Workshop "Understanding Tablet Weaving"

Tablet weaving structures are different from loom weaving structures, and patterning on tablet woven bands follow their own rules - related to these structures. In the workshop "Understanding Tablet Weaving", you will explore the structures of tablet weaving and gain a deep understanding how patterning in tablet weaving works, from the differences in s- or z-warping and their relation to patterns and turn directions to how to tell where you are in a pattern, how to fix mistakes, and how to do doubleface weaves.

These things are taught as part of a system which reconstructs possible historical methods. This system will even work for weaving complex patterns, and the deep understanding of how tablet weaving works, together with this system, will enable you to:

- analyse, understand, and copy bands that you see
- draft your own patterns with two or more colours
- weave patterned bands without any pattern draft, similar to how bands have been woven in the past.

This workshop may even take you to the basics of weaving 3/1 broken twill - the type of patterning used in the most complex of medieval tablet woven bands.

It takes place January 18-20 in Méry near Liège, Belgium. More information and booking possibilities can be found on the pallia website.


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